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Phone _Banking

Day or night, Telephone Banking gives you anytime access to your accounts and the flexibility to transact business in a place that's convenient for you. And you can do most everything you could in person including:

  • Get balances on both deposit and loan accounts
  • Hear which checks have cleared
  • Transfer funds
  • Make loan payments

Telephone Banking is an easy call.

To access your account, you'll need your member number and your Telephone Banking Access code. From a touch-tone phone call (818) 846-1710 or (800) 622-3328 from outside the local calling area. Press 1 to access Telephone Banking.

Don't have an Access Code? Give us a call!
Simply phone the Credit Union at (818) 846-1710 or outside the Burbank area at (800) 622-3328, and let our friendly Call Center representative know that you want access to Telephone Banking.


Main Menu

  1. Account Balances
    1. checking account
    2. all savings / checking / certificates
    3. all loans
    4. specific savings account
    5. specific loan account
  2. Transaction History
    1. last payroll deposit to savings/ checking / club
    2. last deposit to savings / checking / club
    3. savings / checking / club / certificate
    4. loan accounts
    5. deposits
    6. ATM / ACH
  3. Withdrawals by Check (will be mailed)
    1. from checking
    2. from savings or club accounts
    3. VISA Credit Card / Line of Credit loan advances
  4. Transfer Funds
    1. savings to checking
    2. between all share accounts
    3. advance from VISA or Line of Credit to savings or checking
    4. from savings or checking to make a loan payment
    5. from checking to make a loan payment
  5. Checking Account Information
    1. balance
    2. specific check number
    3. history of checks paid
    4. check photocopy request
    5. stop payment on a check
  6. Loan and VISA Credit Card Information
    1. balance of specific loan
    2. all loan balances (not payoff amounts)
    3. amount and due date of next loan payment
    4. loan payoff amount on specific date
  7. Additional Options & Information
    1. year to date
      1. Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) contributions
      2. Dividends earned on deposits
      3. Interest paid on loans
    2. change Telephone Banking Access Code or Mode
      1. Change MTL Access Code
      2. Switch MTL mode from Menu to Expert
    3. switch to another account number without hanging up
    4. savings rates

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Product APR*
New Auto 1.89%
Used Auto 1.89%
RV ($35K+) 4.95%
MasterCard Platinum 1.99% APR**%
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